Perfuratriz SOILMEC R-825

Especificações da máquina

Tipo Perfuratriz
Grupo 359
Modelo R-825
Ano 1998
Ref-nr. 1998 r-825
Horas 6000
Peso máximo permitido 80
Descrição SOILMEC R825 HYDRAULIC ROTARY DRILL RIG 1998 Soilmec R-825 is a Self Erecting Hydraulic Rotary Drill Rig with Slidng Drill Head. It has Crawler Mounted Undercarriage with Wide-Tracks, Hydraulically Extendable Parallelogram System. The Articulated Sides Extendable by Hydraulic Cylinder. The R825 can be used in a Double Rotary Configuration, just like Klemms, to Construct a Secant Wall or Diaphragm Wall Panel. This R825 can Drill upto 12’ (366cm) in Diameter with a Max Drill Depth of 250’ (7,620 cm). The R825 uses a 408 HP (300 kw) Deutch Engine. Price: US$ P.O.R. ex-yard U.S.A. APRX. GROSS OPERATING WEIGHT 176,370 lbs./ Aux. Winch Line Pull 26,400 lbs./ Crowd 48,000 lbs 21,772 kg plus rotary, Kelly & drill tool = 75,000 lbs./34,020 kg Drive Stub: 7” / 18 cm Height in transport mode 11’ 6” / Height of Mast (erect from ground to tip) 74’ / Length Erect 30’ 6” / Length in transport mode 49’ 3” / Length of tracks 19’ 2” Main Winch Line Pull 44,000 lbs / 19,958 kg Torque 179,000 ft.lbs./ Tracks retracted 9’ 8” / Tracks extended 15’ 1” / GREAT CONDITION ! VERY WELL KEPT & REGULARLY MAINTENANCED!

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win worldwide usa

david K


12757 Nottingham street, 90703, Cerritos, ca (ESTADOS UNIDOS)

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